The Center for the study of modern Pottery publishes books for the modern utilitarian pottery with the aim of acquainting the public with the particular facet of popular culture.

The last potters of the Eastern Aegean
(Athens Academy Award) Betty Psaropoulou, Nafplio, 1986

The art of ceramics of yesterday in Kithira and Kythnos.
Betty Psaropoulou, Athens 1990

Tskalaria: The pottery workshops in the area of Mantamadou-Lesvos.
Mimika Giannopoulou – Stella Demesticha.
Reseach Center of the modern ceramics– Community of Mantamadou, Athens, 1998.

Traditional pottery workshops of Thassos
Stratis Papadopoulos, Athens, 1999.
Because of a pitcher: Exhibition Catalogue, Athens 1999.

Because of a pitcher
Exhibition Catalogue, Athens 1999.

The Utilitarian Pottery of yesterday in Naxos
Betty Psaropoulou, Rethymnon 2005.

Ceramic trade (photo album).
Survey-Texts and editing:
Eleni Papathwma,Athina 2001.

Ceramic trade … glimpses into the past (photo album)
Research-Texts and editing:
Eleni Petraka, Athina 2002.

A handful of clay(fairytale) Popi Kyrdi, Athens 1995.

Life and death, the journey to nowhere.
Exhibition catalogue of the Spanish artist Fernando Serrano Villegas, Athens 2007.

Thrapsano, the village of potters.
Betty Psaropoulou-Nikos Simantirakis, Rethymnon 2007.

Museum of traditional ceramics of Aetofwlia Tinou, 2007, Athens 2009.
Exhibition Catalogue