The Center for the Study of Modern Pottery is a multi-disciplinary museum, educational and research organization. The Foundation seeks to cooperate with other actors, to participate in networks, to transfer its “outside the walls” activities. The Center has been one of the founding members of the Museum and Cultural Networks Network of Athens, has a solid collaboration with the Panhellenic Association of Potters and Ceramists and the University of Athens, has joint actions with Greek and foreign universities, Foreign Embassies, the Benaki Museum, Museum of Traditional Pottery of Tinos, the Cultural Association of Thrapsan Pediados, the Network of Modern Ceramics etc.

The Museum participates in the international conferences of the Association Internationale pour l’ Etude des Céramiques Medievalles et Modernes en Méditerranée as well as in other international research institutions. Ceramic and art exhibitions, musical events, cultural events are hosted on its premises.