The Centre for the Study of Modern Pottery has a great collection of objects, which was put together in the 50’s. The collection includes over 3,000 ceramic objects of all kinds, from almost all regions of Greece, which developed pottery production in modern times.

The collection includes:

– Utilitarian ceramics of all categories
– Branded artfacts such as Mina Abramidi, Nick Theodorou, Nick Kourtzi, John Xatzigianni, Nick Rodiou,
Iras Triandaphyllidis ‘ collected works, Ioannis Ioannou, Panos Balsamaki, etc.
– Ceramics by Tsanak – Kale of Asia minor and Eastern Thrace Aino
– Ceramic of Balkan and other European countries
– Tools for the construction and decoration (potters wheels, sieves, molds, decorating tools , etc.).
– Projects of modern ceramics