The Museum of Modern Pottery in the context of educational activities offers pottery lessons but also specialized seminars for adults.

The pottery courses combine theory with practice, and aim to initiate the participants in the ancient art of ceramics. The workshops are held daily, in the evenings (18.00-21.00), once a week.

The lessons are flanked by parallel events such as Sunday visits to museums, archaeological sites, pottery workshops, events in the Museum’s courtyard and thematic excursions.

The cost of the course is 80.00 euro per month, including VAT. The materials and the necessary tools are provided by the Museum. Participation in any event is free.

For participation in the ceramic courses early registration is required at the registry of the Museum at 210-3318491-2, via kmnk@otenet.gr or at Facebook.


For the beginner courses, order of priority is followed.

These courses start in October and are completed in July and aimed at learning the fundamentals of ceramics, handmade construction techniques, decoration, glazing and firing of ceramic. For participation in the beginner courses prompt enrolment is necessary to the Secretariat of the Museum since priority is kept.

Pottery courses are divided into three annual cycles sections. The beginners course start in October and ends in June.

Pottery courses are divided into three annual cycles sections. The beginners course start in October and ends in June. In the first year, students are taught the basics of pottery, handmade manufacturing techniques, the use of the wheel, simple ways of decorating, glazing and baking.
In the second and third year courses become more specialized and students become more advanced in the ways of constructing, decorating and baking of ceramics, being inspired by ancient and modern pottery.

They are taught the use of the fast wheel, ways of manufacturing and application of slips, terra sigillata, the creation of colorful glazes, firing with wood, and so on.

The teacher for the ceramics programs for adults is the archaeologist and ceramist Nikos Liaros. Occasionally other potters are invited to teach, while frequent cooperation with scientific institutions and universities in Greece and abroad for conducting specialized seminars take place. These seminars are themed and are taught distinguished potters, artists and academics.

Registration fee: 15.00 EUR (for the first year) pro